Master/PhD Project: Undersea permafrost characterization using seismic attenuation – sponsored

Project Description

Extensive offshore areas all around the world are underlain by terrestrial permafrost. The frozen ground traps potent greenhouse gases like methane. Under natural and anthropogenic stresses, this permafrost is degrading, potentially releasing vast amount of gas in the atmosphere. Large scale undersea permafrost characterization is thus important to assess the consequences of this phenomenon. 

This research project aims to develop new seismic methods for detecting the presence and the state of undersea permafrost. Seismic attenuation of frozen and partially frozen soil will be studied to assess the possibility of using this physical property as an indicator of the state of the permafrost. The candidate will integrate this knowledge to develop a processing strategy based 
on modern seismic technologies, in particular full waveform inversion. This project is a collaboration with the Geological Survey of Canada, and seismic data acquired in the Beaufort Sea are available to assess the performance of the methodology. 

Applicants from physics, geology or applied mathematics are favored, but anyone interested in the topic is encouraged to apply. Experience with programming is required.

Funding Notes

Financial support is provided for the duration of the Masters studies.
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